We Dig JerAx

Jesse ”JerAx” Vainikka is a professional esports player. Jesse  wanted to bring something completely different to the esport scene. How to create a brand for a top athlete when a year ago esport players weren’t even considered athletes. We came up with a concept for a personal brand which reflects his own persona as an aggressive gamer, but also as a calm person. In addition, we designed merchandise for his fans to purchase worldwide. More will be released later this year.

What else was there to consider? We asked ourselves how to get people to come to this site continuously, and not only to buy more products. This was a question we came across many times during this project. We though about this for a while, until we realised that Jesse’s fans are interested in him in more ways than just pictures and tweets. The result was an weekly updated Q&A section: fans could ask questions, and Jesse would answer them personally. The Q&A got a lot of interest right after the launch. Questions are submitted with a nickname to keep track of your questions being answered.

"Working with Kokku for me represents a warehouse to a man: I went there with unfinished visions in my head, looking for one to make sense out of it, and they opened up the large toolboxes and said this is what we can do. And hell yeah, they nailed it way beyond expectations."

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