We Dig Maria 01

Maria 01 is a community and a space. A league of extraordinary tech entrepreneurs and investors building the future. Maria 01 members occupy 10 000m2 of space in the former Maria hospital. Maria was originally the first public hospital in Helsinki, with the first female MD in the Nordics. The hospital acts as the location for hundreds of tech meetups and entrepreneurial get-togethers.

When we started the work with Maria 01’s website, we understood that the long history of the building should be included in the pages. We scavenged old pictures of the Maria hospital from the archives of Helsinki City Museum and devised a way to use them seamlessly with 21st century elements when presenting the various stakeholders of Maria 01.

"Working with Kokku went smoothly and the creators were passionate about the project. Post-project support has been prime as well!"

“We wanted the Maria 01 website to be simple and easily expandable, yet reflecting the unique milieu of the old hospital and the unique nature of our community. Although the brand did not have a strong identity, the Kokku team immediately got our ideas up and brought new and interesting ideas to the desktop about the visual look of the web pages and the entire brand.”

-Ville Riola, COO

Maria 01

Growing pains?

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