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Finland's biggest kitchen manufacturer

What did they want?

AINA-keittiöt needed a new high converting website and online store. The goal was to create a service that creates as much value as possible for the users and inspires them to advance on their buyer’s journey. The website as a whole solves and removes most of the hurdles the user might face by answering questions, providing valuable insight and encouraging contact. For this to succeed it was important to define the target groups and their expectations and possible obstacles.






Kitchen planning and manufacturing


Web development, kitchen planner application and eCommerce


A kitchen

What we did

UX/UI design

To make a service that creates the users as much value as possible the sites’ navigation had to be effortless and intuitive. A comprehendable user interface, communication and conversion optimization were things that we wanted to focus on. We found that the brand and stylish products were AINAs biggest strenghts, and wanted to emphasize them.

Kitchen planning application and online store

In the interactive kitchen planner one can plan the kitchen of their dreams with AINA:s most popular range of products, save the plan for later and finally send the order to the nearest AINA store.

We built a visually appealing user journey to buyer journey, without forgetting the marketing automation tools.

What we learned

Designing a kitchen planner application
How much drawers affect the look of a kitchen

Planning a web app?

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