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Data-driven website renewal for the Master of Data

What did they want?

Ari Hovi Oy is a data science expert company that has consulted most of Finland’s top 30 companies. In their trainings, which gather participants from all over Europe, the world’s best data science experts help organisations develop into data-driven ones.

Their goal was to make the website match the level of top quality trainings and generate sales.


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Website renewal


10 000–30 000 €

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Vision and need

The goal of this website reform was to straighten and clarify the buying path on the website. A modern look was also needed, which, however, should also be approachable for those who are taking their first steps into the world of data management. It was important to be able to clearly present the entire collection of trainings, the thematic contents of the courses and the schedules, not to mention the top international trainers brought to Finland by Ari Hovi.

The content elements needed to act as a cornerstone for active marketing.


Project goals were achieved by building the site on the basis of user and target group research with our own theme in WordPress. We customised unique elements and built conversion points, such as a course enrolment form. Our theme makes updating the content easy.

The large amount of information on the site was placed in navigation and elements with well-thought UX design and linked internally.

The necessary analytics tools were installed for marketing and site analysis. With the help of comprehensive implementation training, the customer had quick access to content work. With the help of the maintenance service, the site stays technically up-to-date and secure.

"World class trainings from Ari Hovi"

Website enabling growth

The end result is a fresh and clear website that communicates service value clearly and guides visitors to explore the courses. Calm lay out gives opportunities to scale the amount of content without it losing the calm outlook.

Paths to purchase or ask for a tailored event are easy and clear.

The conversion points created and the analytics installed provide information about the demand of courses and enable seizing opportunities. Digital marketing is driving traffic with close relation to course schedule and right timing. Business decisions for the course calendar are therefore supported with data provided by website and marketing analytics.

Digital Marketing

Since the renewal of the site, our cooperation has continued with strategic consulting, ad production and optimisation on various platforms. Paid and organic advertising has raised awareness in the target group. Based on the data, the courses are advertised with the right themes and timing, which increases the number of leads.

The accumulated data provides information about the target group and new opportunities. With in-house content production and web development, marketing and the website evolves in the direction of business goals.

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