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In a company, the biggest risk for phishing attacks are it’s own employees.

HoxHunt is an innovative software that gives a fresh take on the topic of cyber security. Hoxhunt empowers your empolyees to shield your organisation. They have created gamified phishing training, in other words simulating phishing attacks using AI.

HoxHunt users receive instant positive reinforcement, friendly competition amongst coworkers, meanwhile becoming an alert asset for the company’s cyber security. Cyber security training has never been this enjoyable, certainly the results speak for themselves!

We designed a fresh new website and illustrations for HoxHunt. The website design brings you to HoxHunt’s world of gamification and cyber security. Enjoy!






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Web design and illustrations


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Fresh website

We designed and built a new website for HoxHunt, which brings you to their world of gamification and cyber security. The dark color with bright highlights gives a techie feel to the website, subsequently the illustrations brought forward the core of HoxHunt — the people. The website had to serve both the CISOS, and likewise the common office workers.

Finishing touches with illustrations

We designed a set of illustrations and as a result brought the finishing touch to the website’s visuals. The modern style is sure to set HoxHunt’s website apart from their competitors.

After a few iteration rounds we found a style that appealed to everyone.

By using HoxHunt’s brand colors as base and highlight colors we managed to create symbolism of the colors. The bright red symbolises action; for instance the HoxHunt report button and Call-to-Actions on the website.

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