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What did they want?

Matchmade was looking for a creative partner to create a new highly converting website. Matchmade chose Kokku because of our comprehensive and clearprocess, that other agencies had not been able to match.






Influencer marketing


Web development, Creative partnership


More than 10 Xboxes

Love story

Thanks to our effective process we kicked off the project with a bang. Together with Matchmade’s marketing team we quickly found a common understanding on which direction to develop the brand and website. Matchmade was specifically looking for a creative partner, who could reliably provide other visual materials in the future also.


Turning point

Within the project’s tight scedule we created the visuals very quickly. Matchmade however decided very late down the lane that the visual style did not fully support their brand in the way they wished for. We had clearly missed out on something in our communication. We decided to not get stuck and then reacted quickly to the situation, and delivered.

All’s well that ends well

Just as in all great love stories, we ran right to Matchmade’s office to confess our love. After a few efficient meetings we found our common ground again resulting in a visual style that Matchmade is proud to have.

We are excited to see what the future brings for Kokku’s and Matchmade’s partnership.

"Working with Kokku was a great experience and we're very happy with the outcome. The team is dedicated and caring, which is rare nowadays. They're always responsive, receptive to feedback and a pleasure to work with."

What we did

Speed optimization

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