Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys ry

What did they want?

One of Finland’s largest fundraising associations, Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys ry (The Finnish Public Health Association) has supported its member organisations in their vital work since 1969. It was time to extend the successful fundraising to meet online audiences better. The association needed a partner to modernise their website and digitise fundraising as part of a total brand reform.


Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys ry





Web development


10 000–30 000 €

Vision and need

“How to renew and at the same time cherish something that more than 60,000 people living in Finland have wanted to support last year alone?”

SKTY’s objective was to have a modern and functional fundraising website, built on WordPress platform. They wanted a site that gives a feeling of compassion and raises the desire to help. They wanted to clarify communication and to be able to identify those interested in donating easier. Long-term objective of the whole brand reform was to increase SKTY’s brand awareness and better utilise the online environment for marketing.


The sitemap was created to include full story of SKTY and communicate the use of the funds and the significance of the help people receive. This was encapsulated into Stories section where real stories of real people makes a strong statement. In addition to the emotional approach, our user-centric design approach made it easy for visitor to find several ways to donate.

WordPress is practical and our own theme makes content management easy. In fundraising the on-going campaigning demands practical elements and clear outlook. We provided good tools for that and deployment training helped to get the job started right away.

"Alongside a great team, Kokku has been a surprise and delight on this trip, whose skills and attitude I can recommend with compassion."

User-driven renewal

The look of the site serves well the association’s objectives and gives a frame for the emotion-raising content. Mobile users were taken into account more closely on the high-quality website. Decisions about the rich use of images, different elements, bringing people to the center and the fresh look received excellent feedback from SKTY.

Fundraising on the site was implemented by integrating the donation path into the third-party software, allowing the visitor to donate in the way and for the amount they want. Donating on mobile is also straightforward.

Continuing the growth

Our collaboration continued with consulting in marketing and we’ve helped with campaign advertising by producing promotional material and managing their Google visibility. Our web development services develop the site further and with the help of our maintenance service, the site is secure. Support is always close, also in marketing activities.

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