Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys ry

What did they want?

The Finnish Public Health Association (Suomen kansanterveysyhdistys ry) supports its organizations by raising funds for their activities, such as e.g. research into pediatric diseases, mental health work, heart disease prevention and the promotion of the health and well-being of the elderly. The association needed a partner to modernize the websites and digitalize fundraising as part of the brand reform.


Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys ry





Web development


10 000–30 000 €

Vision and need

SKTY aimed for WordPress based fundraising pages that would be very attractive and breathe the same team spirit that the daily work of the association embodies. The site was also intended to generate leads for fund raisers to contact and increase the general awareness of the organization.


We designed and built a WordPress website that has conversion paths and makes the site effortless to develop and maintain in the future. The site really brings up the most important – people! We developed a way of expressing the Finnish team spirit and the diversity of work done with the donations. The authentic stories and experiences of the people who have been helped and are helping are at the heart of the site. The narratives were brought out through the Stories section.

"How can one renew and at the same time cherish something that more than 60,000 people in Finland have wanted to support last year alone? Alongside a great team, Kokku has been a surprise and delight on this trip, whose skills and attitude I can recommend with compassion."

Visual design

When designing the look, it was important to serve the association’s long-term, important main target group, but also to keep in mind the smaller, growing groups of donors. The appearance of the site is fresh and approachable. Together with the content it has a feeling of the Finnish team spirit and caring.

WordPress integration does the trick

Customer’s wish was a WordPress based site that would be straightforward to upgrade in the future. The website template we created serves the purpose perfectly.

A critical point of the website reform was to ensure that the visitor’s had the easiest possible way to donate. The function was built user-oriented and uncomplicated. Technically, the donation path was integrated into an external vendor donation software. This makes donating on site very fast and easy.

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