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Connecting Nordic talent with the world's best startups

What did they want?

Startuplifers is a non-profit internship program connecting startups in Singapore and Silicon Valley in San Francisco with talented Nordic university students and alumnus. They weren’t getting enough applications from talented students, and we were tasked with creating a website that would maximize the amount of applicants.








UX-Strategy, UI-Design & Web Development


More than a flight over the Atlantic



With strategic work in the beginning of the project we examined what information possible applicants would want to have, and when, in order to apply. In the wireframes we designed the right CTA:s in the right places, that lead the visitor further down the predetermined ideal path and finally to applying. It was important to take into consideration startups looking for information about the recruitment process, aswell, so an intuitive and clear site map was essential.


We freshened up the look of the website implementing elements of their pre-existing brand. The new layout is professional and trustworthy, without forgetting the happy and playful vibe of the Lifers.

Web Development

We built the site using WordPress, so managing and updating the site would be as easy as possible. We created customised embedments for the third-party services used, such as a booking calendar and job listing that are updated automatically.

"Kokku is super effective. They didn’t only build us the perfect website, but also helped us to see who we are as an organisation. With them, we dug deep into Startuplifers’ visions and goals and they helped us to clarify our organisation’s core values. Kokku visualised our upgraded ideas clearly and with a fresh touch into our new site!"

What did we learn?

Implementing the customers brand materials
Visualizing information

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