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Combient Foundry helps startups build business with industry leaders.

With the new decade and renewed visual identity of the main brand of Combient, Combient Foundry needed refreshing of their visuals too.

Among the website renewal we strategized and rebuilt the websites conversion funnel, making sure that visiting startup founders have all their questions answered in order to register to the venture cycle.


Combient Foundry




Venture cycle


UX-strategy, Design & development


A bit more than the venture cycle's cost

The world is full of startups. Working with the best ones, with a great team, cutting edge technology, and the will to solve global industrial problems will yield better and smarter results in solving industry-spanning challenges.

We played around with the idea in the main brand Combient‘s cube illustration, creating narratives and assigning meaning to the cube.

The little cube represents the startup, being connectedby Combient Foundry to the big cubes of Combient industry giants.

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