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Communicating great services to different user groups

What did they want?

Vaana is a Finnish family business whose task is to safeguard the well-being of Finns by improving the competitiveness of our social and health services. Vaana searched for a partner to redesign their website, someone who could create a website that could be easily updated and would work flawlessly on every device and browser.






Finance and credit operations




A few service vouchers


In this project we implemented an UX-strategy, defined buyer personas and buyer journey, that supported the website renewal process. Streamlining these parts brought new perspectives to the project when designing the website’s information structure.

We focused on the usability of the site on many different devices and browsers as it was especially important that Vaanas services are easy to find with any device. Creating trustworthiness and showing Vaanas solutions was at the centre of designing this site.

Graphic design

The sites design had to serve many different kinds of users, such as users of the vouchers and municipalities interested in using the service vouchers. The easy access to information and clearly communicating Vaanas solutions were especially important. In the design process we had to keep in mind the different browsers that users might be using. Approximately half of Vaanas users use Internet Explorer, so the layout had to both look good and be fully functional in all broswers.

Easily manageable site

From the start it was essential that Vaanas staff could easily create new pages for their services and effortlessly update the website in general. We built the site on top of WordPress with a theme that is easy to update. Their old site was a hassle to update, but now Vaana can create new sub pages and campaign pages any time.

"We had a bidding race between some suppliers, from which we chose Kokku to renew our website. The goal was to create a responsive site that would be possible to develop further with no coding skills. Kokku delved into our stakeholders, business model and goals. They surprised us by creating a significantly more fresh website by implementing our already existing brand materials!"

What did we learn?

The significance of strategy in a companys internal communication
Designing a site for both new and old browsers
Embedding integrations the customer wishes on the website
Clearly presenting the customers solutions
Communicating the scope of the services

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