Interior Design Helena Karihtala

Visually harmonious homes

What did they want?

Helsinki based Interior Design Agency Helena Karihtala specializes in interior design for private properties as well as business and retail design.

They were looking for a great quality web design partner to build an easy-to-manage website which enables effortless updates.


Interior Design Helena Karihtala




Interior design


Visual design & WordPress-development


10 000-30 000€

We created visually appealing website with our customized WordPress theme, which showcases the design work of the agency.

Vision and need


Interior Design Helena Karihtala was looking for a partner to create a modern website that would visually match the references of the Interior Design Agency by acting as an online portfolio to support sales. The layout or content of the old website no longer met the modern requirements which led to the website not reaching its full potential.



We clarified the service offering and added conversion elements to the site. This is how we created a strategic foundation to generate more traffic and leads to the website from different channels in the future. At the heart of the website was the logical and user-friendly purchase path as well as a minimalist visual look.


WordPress Web Development


We deepened our understanding of how the website can best serve the clients of an interior design agency, from the buyer’s journey and customer experience all the way to the conversion points. Based on the workshops in our process, we built an UX-strategy that focused on the visual identity. Interior Design Helena Karihtala’s unique website is a combination of beautiful code, stunning images yet timeless design.

Visual design


In order to support its timeless, functional and visually beautiful implementations, the interior design agency also needed a touch of modernity for its website, which was created with a minimalist and fresh visual identity. The main focus was on the high-quality apartment images which were strongly emphasised on the website design. In addition, we brightened the company’s brand and designed a new logo.

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