Evli Growth Partners

Venture capital

What did they want?

Evli Growth Partners is a venture capital fund backed up by the bank Evli. EGP invests in late stage growth companies in the Nordics and Baltic areas. They wanted to form their own branding, that is modern and suits the startup scene. The deep turquoise colour and square icon create a connection to the parent company Evli and the new logo is clean and modular.


Evli Growth Partners




Venture capital


Web development, Visual identity


10 000–30 000 €

branding evli growth partners

Brand’s Visual Identity

Evli Growth Partners wanted to change their identity and develop a brand image that suits the growth business field and does not resemble a bank.

The dark blue color of the logo and the pattern refer to the parent company logo. The strong, heavy typeface creates the entity name of EGP, which is sturdy as a bedrock.

Branding as a whole

Brand identity is more than just logo design. The logo is one piece of the brand identity. The building of a brand that works starts from a solid foundation.

Everything starts with the values of the company, values lay the foundation for all activities, internally and externally.

The brand’s visual identity, logos and colors are just the first touch for your business. They do not operate independently but need vision and meaning around them, otherwise they will remain an empty shell.

Logo Design is not the whole brand

How do you talk about your business and services? What kind of tone do you have in communication, both external and internal? What does your company aim for in the future? Why are you doing what you do?

All of this is crystallized in the brand’s story. By telling the story with visuals of the brand as well, the viewer feels they understand the company behind the brand, what they do, where they come from and where they are going.

It is this understanding that creates strong, identifiable and memorable brands. Those that arouse our emotions and are therefore a permanent part of the world and our lives.


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