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What did they want?

Kuuasema is an experienced Helsinki-based game development studio, whose customers include e.g. Rovio, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and King. The company needed to revamp its website to better serve the communications of a company that had grown into a full-service game house.






Game Development


Website renewal


10 000 - 30 000€

Vision and need

The new website was to target the company’s main target group, ie those who visit Kuuasema, mostly international persons interested in new game projects. The international gaming industry, which moves billions every year, demands a convincing look from a game development studio. It was important to express the uncompromising quality of Kuuasema’s game development and the joy that top-quality games bring to their players.

The website was to strengthen the company’s position as a full-service gaming house and highlight its diverse expertise in game development and the production of platform services. Long-term expertise, globally successful games and diverse services were wanted as selling points. The website should also be easy to update by the team themselves in the future.


The site was built with our own theme for WordPress. As a user interface, WordPress is practical and with our theme the daily content management is easy to handle.

Game references were brought to the center to bring awareness. The interactivity of the page brought depth and fun to the look. Following the brand colors, a distinctive design drawing on the world of games was designed for the site.

We made the necessary analytics settings for site maintenance and marketing. With comprehensive deployment training, the customer is ready to take full advantage of their new site.

Website at the brand level

The website became an excellent place to present the game references which are recognised by everyone. The big-game partners of Kuuasema look good too. The services are clearly presented and contacting is made easy to start building the next success game any time.


The design of the site was given frames by pre-defined brand colors. The look of our design with the colour scheme is energetic and distinctive. Overall look communicates well the quality and values of Kuuasema game experts. Though the colourful game references steal the attention – as intended.

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