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What did they want?

HUSH HUSH is a brand new service that allows it’s users to turn unused and expensive designer clothing into an extra source of income, as a result promoting sharing economy. They were looking for a company to partner with in building, launching a WooCommerce webshop and further developing the digital touchpoint of their service.








Digital service & Brand


More than a Gucci bag

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During a very early stage of the project, we recognised points that needed more attention, for example their service concept and branding materials. Subsequently, we did not jump straight into the deep end of building the user interface, but took time to establish a proper user journey. We realised that our client didn’t only need a digital touchpoint, therefore we extended our services to establish user journeys. In addition, we honed the service concept through physical touchpoints to ensure a seamless user experience and clear service model.

We learned a great deal about the target segment’s wants, needs, fears, possible downfalls and expectations. This lead to a minimal viable product model. There was expectations and we made sure our client would get the maximum return on investment. In addition, we further developed their initial brand work to better suit their needs in terms of web presence, message and target audience.

Service Design

Together with the client we used design thinking and service design tools to map out every stage of the service’s user journey. Asking important questions from the user’s point of view that would inform our designs. This lead to a hypothesis that then became the MVP model of the service concept. In short, we could then narrow down the most valuable features and understand various touchpoints.

Brand Identity

Our client had a lot of ideas about where the brand should go based on initial materials created by a freelancer. We then did visual industry research and applied our expertise to create a direction for the brand. It was very important to communicate their message clearly from an online platform.

“We are forever grateful to Kokku for their help. We were lost, until they showed us the light. Thank you and a big recommendation!” - HUSH HUSH"
We used design thinking and service design tools together with the client through our workshop models to map out what each user type would do in every stage of the user journey inside the service.
We wanted to use typography inspired by fashion magazines for legibility and glamour, while using brighter colours and geometric shapes to highlight the light-heartedness of fashion and above all the new idea of shared economy.


After carefully planning the project, we put on our running shoes, cracked our knuckles and got to it. There was a challenging timetable, and we had to sprint through this one and make a new personal best. We had benchmarked many ecommerce platforms until we “swiped right” and found our perfect match to build upon, Woocommerce webshop. However, this wasn’t a one night stand but a beautiful relationship where we managed to deliver something truly glamorous (see what I did there?).

Now our developers were hard at work. Meanwhile at the drawing board our designers used their artistry to craft an identity that would delight our client and their customers alike, effortlessly lending its elements into the realm of the interwebs.

Digital Service

We created a fully functioning and beautiful booking system and WooCommerce webshop. This is only the tip of the iceberg, for the tools for administrating the potentially large clientele and inventory is effortless. We also took time to properly educate our clients on how to make the most out of these new set of tools.

Web Presence

Our visual research and its documentation gave us a good view on what the industry standards are. We wanted to bring out fashion magazine typography for legibility and glamour, meanwhile using brighter colours and geometric shapes to highlight the light-heartedness of fashion and above all the new idea of shared economy.

What did we learn?

Working under a tight schedule
Workshopping with clients
Branding for clothing and fashion industry
Building a booking system
Effective inventory handling
Difference between a Gucci and an LV bag

Gucci gang, Gucci gang

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