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Finlands best customer encounters

What did they want?

Inhouse Group is Finland’s coolest booking and sales service. They needed a converting website, that they could easily manage. We designed a WordPress site that has a smooth conversion path, where IHG’s most important asset — the people, become visible.


Inhouse Group




Sales and booking


WordPress website & Illustrations


As much as redefining your sales strategy

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What we did

The project started with a kick-off workshop, when we discussed the goals of the website. Our primary goal was to create new leads for sales and recruiting, increasing the conversion contacts. Using planned work we designed a site map, user journey and the site UX.

The site was used for both sides of IHG’s target audience; company marketing departments and skilled sales people.

WordPress Homepage

The new site has fun features that show the IHG service spectrum and provide key information about the services.

In the the journey map, we added the wireframe templates for the UX of the site. Wireframe templates are a great tool for understanding the design of a website and involve the customer in the design process. They also serve as an excellent base for content work.

WordPress websites are easy to maintain. With the help of Kokku’s theme editor, the site is made of customised sections that are easy to create and reorder.

Inbound marketing

The clear goal of the website renewal was to create growth through the number of visitors and contacts. Using IHG’s brilliant downloadable content, we created the needed call-to-actions and provided value to the visitors.

What we learnt

Conversion rate optimization
Combining illustration and photography
Creating a laid-back and personal feel for a website

Talents used

Your website is your company’s most important sales avenue

Up to 50% of people will decide whether they trust your company based on your website. Every detail counts, when consumers are deciding between you and your competitor.

A website is your most important sales asset. We help you create an easily manageable and converting website.

Creating websites that matter

We at Kokku are passionate about creating great digital services using WordPress, HubSpot and WooCommerce. Creating a truly meaningful and value generating website.


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