Illustration says more than a thousand words

When used properly, an illustration has many advantages over a photograph. With an illustration, you can easily convey even complex information or explain the principles of the service easily. The illustrations and animations effectively communicate the desired image of the brand and evoke strong emotions. Your brand will be remembered.

kokku kotisivut yritykselle hehkulamppu

Illustrations make your brand stand out from the crowd

When a consumer is presented with a choice between two similar things, they often choose the one they recognize or the one that has a more pleasing appearance.

We people tend to think of a more beautiful option as better as well, and a customized photo is far better remembered than a generic photo taken from an image repository. Illustrations are like a dot on top of letter i!

Check some of our illustrations below!

Security revolution in style:


With a series of modern illustrations, we brought the final touch to HoxHunt’s new site, which at the latest sets HoxHunt apart from its competitors with its elegance.


After a few rounds of iteration, we found an illustration style that was perfect for the eyes of all parties.


By using HoxHunt’s brand colors as basic and attention colors, also in the illustrations, we created hierarchy and symbolism with the help of colors as well. Brilliant red signifies action; HoxHunt reporting button and call-to-actions on the website side.


The set includes a set of compatible smaller illustrations as well as small icons to provide clear and memorable visualizations of even complex concepts.

nettisivut yritykselle HoxHunt

Game and influencer world illustrations:


We built the new website of the influencer marketing platform for game industry, which received more than $ 8M in funding.


At the same time, we created a fun world of artwork for them to communicate the personality of the influencer and sponsor personas and explain the features of the platform.


These illustrations are a great example of how a simple style of illustration is easily identifiable and leaves room for imagination, serving and appealing to a wide range of users.

Smart City Animation:

CHAOS Architects

Smart city refers to a city that utilizes data collected from residents in urban planning and construction projects.


CHAOS is a service that uses artificial intelligence to interpret information from cities to create more comfortable and greener cities.


In the strategy phase of the website overhaul, we found that the fresh art world could fit into the CHAOS website to visualize and communicate their service.


The end result is a lightweight SVG animation where the city becomes smarter with CHAOS!

Bezel-Less Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Mockup by Anthony Boyd Gra

How about some illustrations, animation or a set of icons?

Let’s create your memorable visual solutions! Contact us or read more about our how we design things.