Agile web development for rapid growth

Programming isn’t just a bunch of code that is transferred to a server, therefore it makes sense to create a model that enables easy adjustments to support your growth. Agile development makes it easy to realise your site from the drawing board and consequently to the world wide web.

For example we divided the agile development model into three parts:

  • Development environment, so one can safely test new features and transfer code to a server.
  • Staging environment, so one can easily make larger changes with content and test the site.
  • Live environment, so that you have a tried and tested web site where everything is as expected.

We created our three part model, in short to make further development and adjustments to our projects within minutes, which used to take hours.


Technical plan

Proper planning establishes the correct framework, tools, integrations and schedule for the delivery of your website. We’ll make sure we’re in sync with your needs and pick the right tools and content management system (CMS) so you can independently and quickly update content to your site.

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    Tech plan

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  • 🤩


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We’ve received praise for our beautiful and easy-to-read code

but thats not the only upside. Our development pipeline integrates seamlessly with our design and strategy teams, as a result enabling quick iterations. For you this means surprisingly fast development times and not compromising on quality or robustness. We divide our development into three parts, so that it is an easy transition. In addition, we use the best modern tools to ensure the agility of our development process (GIT, Codeship, SASS, GSAP, Bower).

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    Development environment

  • 🖥

    CMS development

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    Application development

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    CI/CD pipeline


Review & Launch

Before we press the big red button we’ll review with you so that everything is in order on the final product. We transfer and review content, fix any possible bugs and ensure the responsiveness of the product. To sum it up, our system allows for a quick, safe and effortless launch.

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    Staging environment

  • Review actions

  • 💥

    Launch process

  • 😎

    Full product with all the bells & whistles



The launch can be hectic and therefore switching to a new site may be daunting. To help smooth things over and make sure you get the most out of your product,we’ll sit down with you and show you the ropes one step at a time. To clarify, if your needs change and new features need to be implemented, we’re always just a phone call away.

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    Live environment

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    On-boarding workshop

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    Hosting services

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    Back ups & security

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    Continued support

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