Strategy is a framework for success

Let’s not run head over heels into a relationship, or run head first into a wall. Let’s have a chat first, shall we? What is it that we want to achieve together and who are the people we primarily want to reach?

Strategy is a vital investment towards maximising a projects potential. This is why our process always begins with a thorough discussion with our clients.



Nobody understands your company as well as you do. Before we start a project we do market research, thoroughly scan your existing customer base and delve deep into your business and what it takes to convince a customer in your industry. Together we will establish your company values and your North star (your mission and vision) and how our services can support them.

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    Benchmark analysis

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    User interviews

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    Buyer personas

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    #1 UX Sprint workshop


Goal Setting

What is your company’s mission or vision? At Kokku we like to call this your North Star. Together we will look into the aforementioned, short and long term goals and finally define what are the necessary next steps to take with your website or service to reach these goals. We will define every touch point to ensure that it clearly communicates who you are and where you are going as a company.

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    Defined project goals

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    Project plan & schedule

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    #2 UX Sprint workshop


UX Design

Walt Disney once said there is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details. We couldn’t agree more. We’ll place your users at the center of everything and design every single touch point of the digital experience to be magical. We will put on our empathy boots and combine common conventions and specific needs of your users. Let’s not play the guessing game and make sure that we are on the same page with your users throughout the project.

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    Buyer journey

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    User journey

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    Feature list

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Let’s make sure we are building something people want. To really nail down the best, value-driving features for your product and the correct user experience flow, we’ll prototype with clickable wireframes and get early feedback to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

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    Interactive prototypes

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    User interviews

Strategy cases

Website renewal or a new concept idea? We can help you!

Let’s make the winning recipe for your next product together. Contact us or read more about how our process proceeds into the visual side of things, the visual design part.