Your website is the most important sales channel of your company

Your brand has a delightful online presence 24/7 when the right technical and content-based choices are made. Our agile continuous development model ensures that the site is always updated and fresh since the decisions are based on real user data.

What is important in a website project is strategic, technical and marketing plans based on the business understanding and objectives which will make your service and customer path uncomplicated and efficient.

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites and WooCommerce online stores with a custom theme. We are a comprehensive WordPress agency with expertise in 100+ projects.

HubSpot Websites

HubSpot and Kokku enable growth. There are several technical advantages to HubSpot, which, combined with the technical quality and security of Kokku built website, provide an excellent framework for takeoff.

We make websites the most effective salesperson of any company

From simple websites to the most demanding web development projects, we build the best websites of any industry.

With the website we help you create tangible value to your business, whether it’s a focus on marketing, e-commerce, or in uncomplicated, converting websites.

Pixel by pixel we make the web more beautiful, using WordPress, HubSpot, MyShopify and WooCommerce.

In all projects, we pay special attention to quality management from a technical, SEO as well as accessibility perspective.

Our Process



The backbone of every successful product is well-executed strategy and planning. A good product does not happen by accident, but its design needs the right processes and tests.

What is your experience with using your website design? Who is the site targeted to and what purpose does it serve?

Each of our projects has started with strategic work to ensure we finish at once. We want your site to support your business strategy and succeed in converting your visitors into customers at every turn.

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    Purchase personality

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    Buyer journey

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    Wireframe models

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    UX Sprint workshops



Graphic design is at the heart of Kokku. A company whose success depends on customer commitment cannot afford to ignore the need of good design.

Our principle is user-oriented design. We create a visual, interactive and memorable interface for each user interface. The result is a dynamic, digital user experience that simply feels and looks great.

This is in our blood. This is where we rock.

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    User Interface design

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    Interactive & effects


Technical Implementation

We have experience in 100+ programming projects; websites, web applications, and online stores. Software Engineering (CI / CD) has been tested and will ensure that the project is made on time and on budget.

Our code is functional and well documented, and has been praised for being beautiful. Check out our projects here!

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    Mobile responsiveness

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    WordPress & HubSpot

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    WooCommerce & Shopify

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Digital Marketing

The best marketing campaigns come from a wide approach; a detailed understanding of your customers and your product.

We specialise in inbound marketing that has proven to change website visitors into leads and then paying customers.

Taking advantage of the latest marketing tools, we make sure that you get the maximum benefit from your website.

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    Google Ads

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Experience on over one hundred unique projects

We have experience in a whole variety of projects. Based on decent research and strategy, we give digital products a face with a smart user interface design, insightful graphic design and inspirational visuals that follow brand guidelines.

  • Kuuasema

    • WordPress Development
    • /   User Interface Design
    • /   UX Strategy
  • Ari Hovi logo

    Ari Hovi

    • WordPress Development
    • / User Interface Design
    • /   Digital Marketing
    Ari Hovi logo
  • Suunnittelimme ja rakensimme Kaukolle kauniit ja käytännölliset HubSpot-kotisivut, joissa laaja määrä tietoa asettuu helposti navigoitavaan kokonaisuuteen.


    • HubSpot Development
    • /   Visual Design
    • /   User Interface Design
    Suunnittelimme ja rakensimme Kaukolle kauniit ja käytännölliset HubSpot-kotisivut, joissa laaja määrä tietoa asettuu helposti navigoitavaan kokonaisuuteen.

The most roosterrific design in town

Let’s create a website that you’d be proud of! Read about our agile development.