Eemeli Vanhanen

Creative Director
Website build-o-matic. I share my love between JavaScript animations and my xbox. My player nickname is Testopena. Don’t ask...

Ella Hyvärinen

I’m a mixture of web designer and developer. I wanted to be a designer, but I ended up being a developer, so I do creative coding.

Yasir Al-Ani

Creative Director
Yellow! My interests in design are broad, but it's safe to say that visual communication and visual narrative is where I feel at home. My mom says I’m ok at it.

Juho Hölsä

Heya! I am a full stack developer. My unix editor is Vim and my shell is zsh. Oh, and my favourite toy is the debugging duck - we talk a lot.

Santeri Huikari

I'm the guy between a client and Kokku. My job is project management and bringing more work into our pipeline. I'm the guy who tries to make people laugh.

Tia Kiiskinen

I enjoy creating conceptions and rattling mindsets in a way that leads to prolific outcomes. During off-office hours I mostly focus on being legendary.

Jonatan Aurum

I'm experienced in business development and sales. My expertise includes customer development, design thinking, product ownership, and web development.

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