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Työväen Akatemia project was successful in creating a modern website with improved design, faster loading speeds, and better content management system integration, resulting in higher engagement and more visitors.




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Preparing Students for Success Since 1924

Työväen Akatemia is a folk high school in Kauniainen, established in 1924, offering general education and basic university education. Throughout its history, Työväen Akatemia has strived to improve its students’ preparation for further studies. The aim of the studies is to clarify study and career choices for young students.


Improving Website Performance and User Experience for Today’s Standards

Akatemia wanted to update their website’s performance and user experience to align with today’s web standards. The previous implementation was getting cumbersome to manage and its performance, especially on mobile, was not up to par.


Achieving Higher Engagement and More Visitors with a Modern Website

Taking in all the user and visitor data and tackling all the challenges Akatemia had with the previous website, we designed a refresh for the website content structure and implemented a modern look and feel. Under the bonnet, we advised on and implemented better content management practices for the new site.

To make this happen we needed to dive deep into the website’s analytics and construct a hypothesis on how to improve the user experience on the website—at the same time, keeping in mind the two aspects of Akatemias business, education and hospitality services.


How Työväen Akatemia’s Website Upgrade Impacted KPIs

Compared to the previous implementation, this new website is miles faster. Imagine having a race between a snail and a cheetah. Needless to say, this will have a tremendously positive effect on website KPIs, such as bounce rate and user retention.

Mobile performance

First contentful paint improved from 4-13 seconds to 1.4 seconds

Largest contentful paint improved from 6-26 seconds to 2.5 seconds

Desktop performance

First contentful paint improved from 3-6 seconds to 0.4 seconds

Largest contentful paint improved from 6-26 seconds to 0.7 seconds


Overall, the renewal of Akatemia’s website was a success, achieving the mission of creating a user-friendly and fast website that has easy content management. The new website has helped the college to improve its online presence and reach more students and staff.

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