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Synergi is a technology company on a mission to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy with smart software solutions.





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Project foundation – co-creating the core brand concepts

Clearly defining project goals and direction is crucial for branding projects, especially when working with limited budgets. By conducting co-creation workshops, the client team was able to identify the “north star” for Synergi’s look and feel.

As we delved deeper into refining the brand’s visual elements, we kept in mind the key concepts of freshness, trustworthiness, and naturalness to guide our exploration and decision-making process.

“From our very first meetings, we knew that Kokku was the clear choice as a partner for this project. Their humane and personal approach truly impressed us, and their comprehensive services helped us cover all of our needs. We had a rather ambitious timeline for the project, but they assured us that it would be completed within the given time frame. We are thrilled with the outcome and grateful to have worked with such an amazing team!”

– Antti Hämmäinen, CEO, Synergi

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Building the visual identity

For the logo and logotype, we aimed to design an image that is memorable, iconic, and versatile while maintaining consistency across all mediums.

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Through this exploration, we were able to create a dynamic shape that draws inspiration from a lightning bolt and the waves seen in the demand and response of electricity transfer. This design element is versatile and can be applied to a variety of purposes, ranging from dynamic backgrounds to animations and image frames.

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To complement the rounded shapes of the logotype, we opted for the design font GT America to enhance the appearance of the brand’s typography. Since GT America is a rather visually striking font, we decided to pair it with Inter from the Google Fonts library, which is well-suited for lengthy sections and paragraphs.

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The selected brand colors were carefully chosen to provide a balance between trust, playfulness, and warmth while also offering enough contrast and flexibility. The palette, which includes both darker and lighter tones, provides ample creative freedom for various brand applications.

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The brand photographs showcased a wide range of themes, including visuals that portrayed the quality of life, illustrative photos that were relevant to broader themes in the energy industry, and concrete applications that demonstrated the impact of Synergi’s services on everyday life. Thanks to the clear foundation we established at the outset, we were able to source images with a cohesive look and feel.

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Website – Creating the digital cornerstone

After establishing the foundation of the brand, our team proceeded to develop the website to meet Synergi’s communication requirements. We included custom features, such as a blog, a stylized hero element, and forms, to create a strong digital communication channel. Despite budget limitations, our team utilized creative problem-solving to enhance the design even further.


The flexible features of the grid element make it an ideal tool for creative content creation. For instance, an animated band with a customizable image can add an attention-catching aspect to a content-rich website, making it even more engaging for users.

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We are proud to say that the website we developed for Synergi has been performing exceedingly well in terms of its overall performance and Core Web Vitals. Our team utilized a custom WordPress theme and page builder to enhance the website’s functionality and provide a seamless user experience.


By leveraging these tools, we were able to create a website that performs exceptionally well, with quick load times and smooth navigation. Our approach to website development focuses not only on delivering a visually stunning website but also on ensuring that it is fully optimized to meet the needs of today’s digital landscape.

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