Renewing your existing brand identity or building one from the ground up? We help you build a brand identity that stands out from the competition and stands the test of time.

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At Kokku, we see branding as the process of connecting strategy, creativity, market insight, and business goals. We can support you in crafting a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Depending on where you’re at, we can help you craft your brand strategy from scratch or renew your existing messaging and visuals. We offer the most essential services regarding branding. These services mix strategy, creative direction, art direction, and design.

Brand Workshops and Interviews

Crafting a brand strategy and identity requires involvement from different stakeholders. For example, your employees, existing and potential clients, investors, and the media, to mention a few.

As step one for crafting your brand, we’ll conduct a series of interviews with different stakeholders to determine where they see your brand today and in the future.

Moreover, we’ll host workshops with your current team so that they can be part of the brand-building process.

Core Message

Based on your company’s mission, vision, and strategy, we will help you craft a set of brand messages that will act as a platform upon which you can further develop your marketing and communications strategy.



Our branding process also considers naming. We are happy to support you in determining a business name that stands out in the market and supports your business core. 


Visual Identity

A timeless visual identity is crafted from your brand foundation. We can bring that input at this stage, or we can also iterate a visual identity from your existing company strategy materials. 

In practice, a complete visual identity includes the following deliverables, which we’ll also craft into a visual guide-book: 

  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Typography
  • Brand Colours
  • Brand Imagery
  • Brand Illustrations and Design Elements
Implementing Visual Identity Into Different Touchpoints

If you require adaptation of your visual identity unto different touchpoints, such as offline advertising, We are happy to discuss additional design concepts for: 

  • Printed Products
  • Digital Screens
  • Package Design


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Our process for collaboration

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Research & Plan

We begin by understanding your
business, purpose and goals to
learn how we can succeed.

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Iterate & Select

We test, experiment and
iterate to find the right design
solutions and aesthetic feel.

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Build & Test

We craft, develop and tweak
with care when turning
the selected plan into
a tangible digital product.

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Deliver & Delight

We deliver a delightful digital
experience, that supports your
business, purpose and growth.

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