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Power your website on the #1 hosting platform for WordPress!

Our hosting environment is on the award-winning WordPress hosting platform WP Engine. It’s fast, secure and tested by many large WordPress sites. Our maintenance service ensures that your WordPress site’s security and updates are in order, and offers technical support. Read more about WP Engine here →

In addition to our digital services, we provide our customers with comprehensive hosting services.

We’ll take care of site updates & monitoring with monthly maintenance measures and daily backups. Our continuous monitoring ensures your site’s functionality and enables us to react to errors quickly. Thanks to our technical support, you can reach us quickly for both big and small questions and problem situations.

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With our hosting service you will get

Server space

Safe, reliable, automated & without restrictions. Our server environment is completely scalable, so you don’t have to worry about the number of visitors or speed.

Technical support

Our technical support monitors your site with preventive action and versatile tools. We can be reached during office hours by phone and by email. We’ll help you quickly by finding out the issues.


We will take care of the WordPress-website when new updates arrive. We study the changes and update the core files, and add-ons, keeping the site security and functionality intact.


We continuously monitor sites that we maintain, both in terms of capacity and unexpected problems. We know immediately if something goes wrong and we can react quickly.


We create backups of the websites we maintain daily. In addition, your site can be restored quickly thanks to the architecture of our server environment.

How much do I need to invest?

+VAT 24%, 1-year subscription period.


The agreement is subject to Kokku Agency’s general terms and conditions.

When the contract is concluded, Kokku Agency will send the customer the contact details of the order confirmation and the contact details for the technical support as well as the instructions. Our technical support asks you to provide the server and the web address management IDs and other necessary login information from the client.