Website animations

Websites and apps have become the daily tools when we seek to grow our business, brand or just for entertainment. Through this, the usability and experience of these platforms have become highly competitive.

Audiences expect smoothness and a natural feel & movement with every click, swipe and mouse-over. With our animation design methods and tools, we are ready to deliver world-class experiences to your audience.

Text animations

How headlines, leads, paragraphs and quotes appear on your website is a great and minimalistic way to deliver a modern online experience for your audience. Implementing these is a great, cost-effective way to liven up your website.

Hover and click effects

How buttons, images and elements react when hovering your mouse on top of them, are some of the fundamental elements of modern digital experiences. The more natural the movement and interaction feels, the more likely the feel and value of your brand is conveyed to the visitor.

Background animations

Displaying your brand videos or other animated content is a great way to display your brand in an attention-catching way. Depending on the content, a perfect way to apply this is in the hero element of the landing page or as a background with text on top.

Image galleries

Image galleries are in itself heavily visual, but they can also be enhanced by how the gallery viewing is experienced. Motion design also helps in layering information and image texts.

Logo animations

An animated logo as a website intro or part of a hero content is a great way to make your brand more memorable. An animated logo can be used in other brand materials and marketing communication too, which is great!

Navigation transitions

Moving from page to page on a website has to be fast and effortless, but not boring. Depending on your industry transition between pages can be smooth and soft, or sharp and mechanical. All are in favour of delighting your audience and enhancing their experience with your brand.

Menu animations

One of the first interactions a site visitor sees is how the menu opens, how the menu elements appear, and how the menu closes. These practical features are some of the most used interactive touchpoints on any website.

Parallax scrolling

Multi-layered graphics and illustrations can make your users’ website experience more memorable. It offers the visitor an incredible experience through your brand visuals.

Holistic animations

Looking for an App type of experience for your website or is interactive storytelling at the core of your brand experience? With good planning and design, animations for the web can be done in a holistic way, affecting every aspect of the site.