24 Center – Developing Consistent Branding and User-Friendly Design


We helped 24 Center in growing their brand and maintaining international consistency across multiple domains and regions. To achieve this, we developed a new brand illustration system and refreshed the UI of their website. The new design enhanced their visual identity and user experience, significantly impacting their brand.






UI Design

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24 Center – Evolving internationally

24 Center is an emergency center for building services that provides quick and reliable solutions to a plethora of building problems. They have a unique service concept that allows customers to get help over the phone or via the web from trusted 3rd party contractors near their area.

As 24 Center expanded internationally, they needed a solution to maintain consistent branding across multiple domains and regions. Using region-specific images was not feasible due to the complexity of managing content across multiple domains. Therefore, the visuals needed to be both relatable in multiple regions and closely associated with the 24 Center’s brand.


Refining the rules of the visual identity

We worked closely with 24 Center to understand their brand and goals for the project. The first step was to define the brand assets and the look and feel. Through workshops, we refined the colour palette and decided on the style of illustrations used to depict the brand.


A modular brand illustration system for 24 Center’s marketing needs

After establishing the direction for the brand and the tone of the visual language, we created a brand illustration system. This system includes multiple levels of icons and illustrations that can be used modularly in various contexts. The icons can be combined into two different characters, all of which can be used to create a variety of combinations.


These icons were originally created to represent the various services provided by 24 Center. However, by developing a modular illustration system, we have enabled 24 Center to create illustrations seamlessly for different landing pages and marketing materials.


Refreshed User Interface for Improved Customer Engagement

We refreshed the user interface (UI) of the website, creating a modern and user-friendly design. The new design is consistent with the refined colour palette and the new brand illustration system that was carefully chosen to ensure maximum impact and usability. It was adapted to ensure a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience, with a focus on creating a visually appealing interface to draw in customers and keep them engaged.


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